Das Jahr ist schon etwas fortgeschritten doch nun ist das aktuelle Release da.

Alle Kunden mit PUA (Premium Upgrade Assurance) können sich über die neue Version freuen. Diese ist vollgepackt mit neuen Funktionen und der Unterstützung weiterer Multifunktionsgeräte.

Die neuen Features im Einzelnen:

  • Mobility Print:
    • mobiles Drucken von Mobility iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, or macOS. Whether on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks, by following a few simple steps, users can quickly discover and print to any printer, without requiring the assistance of a SysAdmin.
  • Toshiba with Integrated Scanning:
    • PaperCut MF now supports the next generation Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next MFDs, offering simplified setup, a new modern and intuitive interface on the device, and seamless Integrated Scanning.
  • New look Admin web interface:
    • PaperCut MF has been redesigned! It’s modern, user friendly, and most importantly, it’s a stepping stone for future improvements to the interface and feature development.


  • HTTPS/SSL Configuration: Ability to import SSL certificates directly from .PFX, P12, .PEM, .DER, and .CRT files.
  • Global Print Driver: A Microsoft signed version of the PaperCut Global Print Driver has been included in the installation of PaperCut MF.
  • PayEx Payment Gateway: Support for:
    • WyWallet and credit card for manual transfers.
    • On Demand transfer using WyWallet
  • The Admin web interface Options > Admin Rights page now allows you to Select All or Clear All check boxes.
  • Individual Admin web interface pages can now be bookmarked.
  • Individual User web interface pages can now be bookmarked.
  • Email to Print: Improved download speed from IMAP mail servers.
  • Diagnostic log file rotation is now paused during the collection process to ensure that logs are not missed.
  • Reduced database connection load when embedded devices initially connect to the Application Server.
  • Scalability improvements to the Application Server when handling a large number of User Clients.
  • A „Download Diagnostics file“ button has been added to the Options > Advanced page. This button is used only for troubleshooting purposes when there are memory issues (your friendly support engineer will tell you when).
  • Integrated Scanning: Macros can now be used for custom folder paths in Scan Actions.
  • Print System Health Monitoring: New endpoints have been added to monitor the status of Mobility Print servers.
  • Linux Release Stations: Improved support for on screen keyboards.
  • Paypal WPS payment gateway: Added support to connect to PayPal via a Proxy Server.
  • macOS: As per our End Of Life Policy announcement macOS 10.9 is no longer supported.
  • Internet Explorer: As per our End Of Life Policy announcement IE10 is no longer supported.
  • Web Print (Sandbox mode):
    • An experimental feature that allows you to print OpenOffice documents (switched on with web-print.enable-openoffice-support). Supported file types include:
      • OpenOffice (.ODS and .OTS) files from Microsoft Excel 2010+.
      • OpenOffice (.ODT and .OTT) files from Microsoft Word 2010+.
      • Supports printing text files from Microsoft Word.


  • Integrated Scanning:
    • Fixed an occasional issue preventing scan jobs from being delivered.
    • Fixed a rare issue that caused scan delivery to fail when a database connection timed out during scan delivery.
    • Fixed a rare issue while testing directory security rights from a user’s page. An unreadable confirmation message could be returned.
    • Fixed an issue causing the scan XML metadata file to corrupt when it contained accented characters.
  • Google Cloud Print: Fixed an error when a printer shared to Google Cloud Print was renamed.
  • Security improvements:
    • Environmental Dashboard: Fixed an issue that might allow users to access other users‘ environmental dashboards.
    • Continuing enhancements to security of Admin Web UI to defend against emerging scripting attacks.
  • Fixed a rare issue in some PostScript jobs where the number of copies might be incorrectly counted.
  • Watermarking: Fixed an issue that incorrectly positions watermarks in documents with mixed page orientations.
  • Hardware Page Count validation now supports additional options to check all trays before determining if a device has no paper.
  • Fixed an issue where the device count on the About page might be incorrect immediately after updating a license.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a device might become unresponsive during initialization.
  • Simplified error message in the Admin web interface (Options > Notifications) when test notifications cannot be sent.
  • RISO FW ComColor GDI (5000, 5230) driver: Fixed a color page detection issue.
  • Kyocera XPS printer driver: Improved page count when printing an odd number of pages in duplex.
  • Toshiba Universal PCL6 driver: Improved letterhead page count.
  • Print Archiving: Fixed an issue causing the preview to be unavailable when using the Xerox WorkCentre WC5955 PCL6 driver.
  • User Printing – Logs report: Fixed a problem preventing the report from being run in Ad-hoc mode with Offline usage filtering.
  • Mac OS: Fixed a problem that prevented printers from being added to PaperCut on initial install.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Brother (BSI):
    • Added a timeout option to log a user out of an inactive session.
    • Added an option to force a numeric keyboard for ID Number entry.
  • Epson (EOP)*:
    • Support for Integrated Scanning.
  • Konica Minolta (OpenAPI):
    • Updated the connector version to 3.2.1.
    • Improved the layout on MFD panels.
    • Improved the error/warning messages on the MFD panel and PaperCut MF Device Details page.
    • Changing the value for ext-device.konica-minolta.force-app-registration to „Y“ will now apply only for a single successful device registration.
    • Card readers AU205 (5427) and AU201: Improved card reader compatibility when upgrading from 15.2 or earlier to a 15.3+ version.
    • Sysadmins can now optionally remove access to device function buttons (e.g. copy) when users have a zero balance.
    • Fixed an issue causing a user authentication prompt to be incorrectly displayed when printing from USB.
    • Fixed an issue preventing users from going into overdraft.
    • New config key (ext-device.konica-minolta.custom-my-panel) to display the Scan and Release icons on an MFD panel (iOption only).
    • Improved startup and initialization to address some issues that could arise with some firmware and device configuration combinations, including SSDP configuration issues.
    • Fixed an issue causing Device Functions on the Print Release screen to open Integrated Scanning.
    • AU-201 card reader: Fixed an issue causing FeliCa (IDm) cards to be read incorrectly.
  • Kyocera (HyPAS Version 2.0.0)*:Note: PaperCut Kyocera HyPas Version 2.0.0 is not compatible with PaperCut MF version 16.4 or earlier.
    • Integrated Scanning: Users now have control over whether or not they’re prompted for more pages when scanning off the glass. Users can optionally send immediately or continue to be prompted for more pages.
    • Added a new optional button for quick guest access (anonymous authentication in conjunction with other authentication methods).
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a device to lose its configuration following a power failure.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the login screen to become unresponsive requiring a reboot in some cases.
  • Ricoh (SmartSDK Version 1.1.2)*:
    • Added Single Sign On (SSO) support via Ricoh’s Adaptable Authentication API (AAA).
  • Samsung (XOA-E Version 1.3.1)*:
    • Custom header coloring can now be applied.
    • Added a Refresh button to the Print Release screen on small screen devices.
  • Sharp (OSA):
    • Added a new optional button for quick guest access (anonymous authentication in conjunction with other authentication methods).
  • Toshiba:
    • Added support for Toshiba MDS mode including:
      • The latest PaperCut branding.
      • Simplified device setup process.
      • Support for Integrated Scanning.
  • Xerox (EIP):
    • Improved user experience and updated PaperCut branding.
    • Fixed an issue where icons weren’t displaying correctly on some devices.
    • Added config key (ext-device.xerox.use-ssl-for-apps) to control whether or not apps connect via HTTPS.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.
  • And of course, the „Fine Print“:
    If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance, your upgrade to Version 17.0 is already included. Otherwise, one-time upgrades may be purchased via our online order system or through your PaperCut supplier. And hey, added bonus – upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 17.x series throughout the year!

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