PaperCut hat soeben die Version PaperCut MF 16.4 freigegeben.

Folgende Erweiterungen können Sie erwarten:

  • Email to Print: Added a replacement marker (%location%) to display the printer location in notification emails. This makes it easier for users in your organisation to find the printers to which they printed.
  • Prevent jobs from being released to a printer reporting an error: The following additional device types now support blocking job release:0
    • Toshiba v2
    • Toshiba LeSF
    • OKI Open Platform


  • Improved scalability by reducing the load on the Application Server when running many secondary print servers.
  • Modifications to the global print statistics and user print statistics via the job log details, are now reflected on the Environmental Dashboard, User List screen, and Dashboard System Status Total pages count.
  • The [app-path]\server\lib-ext\ file can now accept a comma-separated list of IP addresses that can connect to the Application Server. These values can include a submask.
  • Canon UFR-II printers: Fixed an occasional inaccurate page count for duplex collated multi-copy jobs with an odd number of pages.

Copier / Device Integration:

Lexmark (LeSF)*:

      • Fixed an occasional issue causing copy jobs to fail when the job source size is set to „Book Original“.

Sharp (OSA):

    • A new config key to modify the amount of time before the login screen times out is now available (ext-device.sharp_osa.timeout.login.secs).

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